About Our Kennel

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Our Kennels Philosophy

Here at Tamaska kennels resides a small group of dogs, we believe that keeping a smaller kennel allows us more time to work 1-1 with each dog turning weaknesses into strengths and forming a closer bonded team. Every dog here has an equally important part of the team, each dog however gets its own special needs taken care of as no 2 dogs are the same and yet no dog is more important then the other everyone is equal to one another including the musher.

There are 8 key words that keep our kennel strong and Successful!

-        Trust       – Believe

-        Respect    – Set Goals

-        Learn       – To Achieve

-        Equality    – Then Succeed!

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Customizing and Personalizing My Site

Any and Every contribution is greatly appreciated by Cristy Willett and all the dogs that are here at Tamaska Kennels, your name will be posted on our website for any contributions Big or Small.

Thank You For Supporting Us During The 2009/2010 Race Season 


-        Sponsors – makes it easier for the musher to focus on the dogs needs instead of worrying about money and supplies

-        Clasps – to keep the dogs safely secured

-        Straw – to keep them warm on those cold days

-        Gift Cards to Wal - Mart

-        Gift Cards to Superstore

-        Meat scraps or freezer burnt meat

-        ½ in ply wood, 2x2’s and drywall screws

-        Blue or Red – Fleece fabric to make jackets and belly jackets

-        16 L jugs of Canola Oil

-        Big Boxes of Oatmeal from Superstore

-        Dog Bones, tennis balls, kongs

-        A good set of Dog clippers for trimming the dogs with long hair to keep them cool in the summer.

-        Good Sewing machine

-        Certificates to Home Hardwear

 -        Cable from Duffy’s for making neck lines

-        Certificates from Vet clinics- for mandatory shots

-        Vet Wraps – located at Duffy’s, feed store, and C&D feeds

-        Coffee cans that have a rim or pull back seal would be awesome – as we use these for dog dishes but

         some dogs like to play with them so some get wrecked or start to rust so we have to toss them.

 -        New tires, automotive repair etc.

-        ATV Repair, new tires, - used to train dogs in fall until winter

-        Snowmobile maintenance – used to groom the trails and run dogs

-        Min 36 yards of sand every year is needed.

-        A couple of pairs of hands to build things - we are trying to put up a 12 X 22 ft shed to place all the

         gear in, and off to one end heat pens used for injured dogs, thinner dogs that need that little extra

         care in really cold weather as there will be a wood stove inside to take the nip out of the air.